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Month: February 2015

EScape Signal Description

Now it’s time to go a little bit into details and we give an overview of EScape signal usage. Signals, which are used internal only (EMMC, LCD) are not touched. The signals to external ports like ES-Port and mikroBUS connectors are protected and limited to 3V3 or 1V8 to meet demands of Beagleboard CPU. This […]

EScape PCBs arrived

Today, the first pcb samples arrived in our laboratory! We were so excited until we checked the dimensions, poooh… all mechanical dimensions are right and it fits perfect to BBB and 7″ LCD. Next week we will start assembly, our EScape project becomes a reality … stay tuned

EScape Project

EScape ist unsere erste Entwicklung für das Beaglebone Black… Dieses “Cape” bietet zahlreiche Schnittstellen und eine Pegelanpassung für eine gefahrlose Erweiterung des populären CPU-Moduls. – The BeagleBoneBlack BBB is a very interesting CPU-Module with the advantage it can easily be integrated in Your electronic design, but the main weakness of that board is the vulnerability […]

Hello world!

When starting this BagleBone project mid of January 2015, I decided to evaluate WordPress as a new way of communication between users of our EScape and our developement-team. Because WordPress is new for me, please be patient and report, if there is something going wrong with this site. A lot of thanx to all the […]