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Month: March 2015

EScape’s roadmap

Hello to all supporters and friends of our EScape-project! All tests on our first handmade prototypes are done and the first official release is in preparation… we have done some little improvements with the next Revision (B0) : 1. We (all) missed the reset- and power-button, the bbb pushbuttons could not be accessed because the […]

EScape Debug Connector

In 2002 we defined a proprietary 10pin header for all our microcontroller-designs to connect a serial debug terminal to the µC. Therefore we designed a LVTTL-RS232 interface which fits into a DB9-donglebox with standard RS232 signals on a DB9-female connector. To meet the requirements of our various designs, the interface handles signal-levels from 2,7V up […]

EScape to reality

  The prototype board was assembled completely today! It is working and BBB has survived the first tests 🙂 the debug-console is connected by EScape, all onboard I2C devices are detected and could be programmed by i2c-tools, after that RTC comes out of sleep and is running too. Next step will be to program the cape eeprom with propper […]