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Thank You for 2016!

… I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the past year 2015 to a good and successful year! Mutual trust and reliability have done well again and make anticipation of the major challenges and the many new things that are still ahead of us in 2017. Connected to this gratitude, I wish […]

LVTTL / RS232 Level Converter

Low Voltage-TTL to RS232 Adapter for connecting serial process signals to the PC (DB-9) or with converter to the USB port. Power is supplied from the target system, the allowable range is: 3.0 … 5.0 V ± 10% An optional feature is a target reset function controlled by DTR of the PC interface.   You […]

Hello world!

When starting this BagleBone project mid of January 2015, I decided to evaluate WordPress as a new way of communication between users of our EScape and our developement-team. Because WordPress is new for me, please be patient and report, if there is something going wrong with this site. A lot of thanx to all the […]